Private and Couples Sessions


Private sessions are the most personal and often most impactful. You experience all of the meditative sounds focused on you and you alone. This allows for a much different session. The majority of the time is experiencing the vibrations of instruments directly on and over the body as well as a true surround sound experience with singing bowls arranged in a geometry around you. These vibrations provide a soft, gentle yet penetrating massage for the whole body through the muscle and down to your bones… Many clients describe the feeling as a “cellular massage”. This has a profound healing impact on the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual bodies. It is scientifically proven to relieve stress down to the hormones behind it; freeing up your body to heal at an accelerated rate while simply making you feel good! You will leave feeling like your glowing. (please refer to the FAQ section for studies & scientific references)


Public Sound Baths and Private Events


A "sound bath" is essentially being washed in the vibrations, melodies, harmonies and rhythms created by meditative healing instruments from across the world. In the context of this page it is a group of people taking place in the activity. Lay down and enjoy as you are transported to another world, stress washes away and your body is free to heal. I am available for any and all events or groups of people. Businesses can use this practice to stimulate creativity, problem solving and create more happiness and contentment for employees. It is perfect for those wanting to create a relaxing event or private part. Any group of people would benefit from this. If you are interested you can find a list of public events under the "events" tab or book for your own event and purposes!


Sound Bath and Yoga


Come and join us for a beautiful evening at 5:30 PM the first Sunday of every month at The Shop in Park City! This is the perfect opportunity to see how yoga and a "sound bath" compliment each other perfectly. Sue and I are available to bring this special combination in a private session, for events or anything that you can imagine. If you are a yoga teacher seeking to make an event or workshop special, or are just seeking to spice up your class and differentiate it I am available to accompany all yoga styles and can bring any instruments you desire. The music will be adjusted to any style and energy whether it is fast fitness, slow restorative, or anything between or outside.