Tarek and Nichole are attuned to and sincere in their purpose and abilities. During my session with them, I lost sense of time as I explored the opening of my bodies' communication and became absorbed in all it was showing and telling me. I was in such a strong, relaxed state I was not too surprised to see images associated with visceral message and directing and revitalizing me. I wanted to swim in the sounds forever and laugh with the crystals. Later that night, vivid, empowering dreams followed. Such a powerful union between body and emotion was the beginning for a clearing change within me. I feel more comfortable and unified with my body and accepting of the profound wisdom it holds. There is a brilliant and giving naturalness in Tarek and Nichole's healing gifts. Even the tiniest particles of my body thanks them for this splendid and liberating session. - Julie Solei, Salt Lake City, Utah