• Natural Law Apothecary (map)
  • 600 W 600 S
  • Salt Lake City, UT, 84104
  • United States

* Suggested donation: 15-25

*Please bring yoga mats and other things to make yourself comfortable cozy and at home.

The ceremony will begin with a traditional cacao drink, used by South American cultures for most of their history. Cacao is a far less processed form of chocolate. In this form it helps us open our hearts and emotions while enhancing the flow of life energy in our bodies. For many it is a fairly subtle feeling. Those with heart conditions should be aware that it can increase heart rate.

We will finish this ceremony with a sound bath. Lay back and let the vibrations and sounds of world instruments (singing bowls, gong, handpan, didgeridoo, etc.) wash your energetic body clean while physically stress hormones like cortisol dissipate. Music is a tool of consciousness and in a sound bath, relaxation, rejuvenation and healing are the guiding hands, the intention and focus.