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Please bring your own yoga mats and anything you wish to make yourself feel comfortable, cozy and at home.
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I’m so excited and honored to collaborate with Tarek for this beautiful full moon sound ceremony.
Every so often we get to experience a rare celestial event that awes us and makes us realize there is so much more to this infinitely expanding universe than we could ever truly understand.
This full moon in Leo is recognized as the Wolf Moon, and it is shared this year with a total lunar eclipse, giving us a SuperBlood Moon!
This will invoke powerful change and opportunity.
Patience, self-control, will power, and the ability to adapt will invite you to take advantage of the new opportunities presented to you. This moon brings in awareness of emotions, the strength to clear those that do not resonate with higher truth, and focuses your objective attention to the relationships you have and how they serve you.
It will allow different perspectives to resonate within you, ultimately giving you new ideas and breakthroughs -opening the doorway to what lies ahead for you, and for the collective humanity.
We invite you to observe the themes and lessons that arise and allow yourself an open path to insights for the year ahead, and more importantly to Release and Surrender to that which is unknown.

Our intention for this ceremony is to open up a space for you to relax, be open and receptive to the divine source. To release and heal through the vibrations and frequencies that flow through us as we tune in to the power and creative force of inspiration.

We will welcome the Full Moon with a suggested ceremonial dose of Cacao, along with an intention setting and manifestation ceremony.
This will be followed by the invocation of a 60 minute sound vibrational healing session and the power of universal life force energy that flows through us.
May we All open our hearts to what lies inside of us, as well as outside of us, moving us together into the united force of collective consciousness, accessing deeper movements within ourselves, allowing the breath to deeply and freely flow through blockages and the emotions that arise.

As we take you through the sound journey we would hope that you can allow yourself the time and space to journey within in whatever form that is for you at this time.
With so much love, we look forward to sharing this magical night with You🙏🏻🕉🌕